How is Cast Acrylic Tubing Used in Your Industry?

Did you know cast acrylic tube is highly durable, resilient and relatively resistant to heat? As a result, it is an integral component that is used in several major industries around the world. Here, we take a look at some of the most common applications featuring this flexible and fully-adaptable product.

Acrylic Tubing in Pharmaceuticals

In the pharmaceutical industry, cast acrylic tubes are used to move everything from drinking water to pharmaceutical liquids. It is the preferred delivery system in this industry because unlike tubing made from other materials, acrylic is completely smooth along its interior walls thus allowing faster delivery with less friction loss.

Acrylic Tubing in Advertising & Marketing

Acrylic tubing is a popular choice for signs and other advertising and marketing materials because it is available in a wide array of colors that won't fade over time. Because of the tubing's flexibility, it can be used in a variety of creative configurations. In fact, acrylic tubing is a commonly-used fixture in many museum displays.

Acrylic Tubes in the Marine Industry

Tubing made from cast acrylic is a favorite among fish tank and aquarium manufacturers and marine life owners. The tubes are used for everything from reliable air-tight delivery of water to filtration systems to oxygen delivery.

Home and Garden Uses for Cast Acrylic Tubes

Cast acrylic tubes are widely used in a variety of home and garden projects. The material is popular among hobbyists, crafters and artists, and it works well in the garden. For instance, it is regularly used in outdoor pond installations, as part of a garden water delivery system, and more.

Medical Uses for Acrylic Tubes

Acrylic tubing is an essential part of the medical industry where it is used for everything from IV delivery systems to kidney dialysis connectors to clear fluid movement monitors and more.

Cast Acrylic Tubing from US Cast Supplies!

The industries listed above are just a few of the sectors that rely on acrylic tubing for successful management of their day to day operations. At US Cast, we specialize in manufacturing the highest-quality acrylic tubing available, something we've proudly been doing since 1954. If your industry or project depends on cast acrylic tubes or rods, then you should only work with the best. Contact US Cast today at 856-347-2342.


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