Is There an ISO Registration Deadline for Cast Acrylic Tube Manufacturers?


It has become somewhat commonplace over the last several years for companies to either drop or let their ISO 9001 certifications expire. Their reason for doing this was usually either because their customers no longer demanded that they maintain their registrations or they simply wanted to cut the cost of paying for their certifications. Despite this, many companies still want their cast acrylic tube manufacturers to be certified.

With a new standard (ISO 9001:2015) awaiting ratification by the board of directors, suppliers may want to reconsider dropping their registrations.

What is ISO 9000?

ISO 9000 was first published in 1987 and it has consistently been ISO’s most popular set of standards. It is a series of quality management standards that is used by millions of organizations around the world. Now, building upon its first 25 years of success, the ISO technical committee is preparing a 2015 revision that will have a big impact on those who work with the standard.

This is a major revision that is expected to be greater than the 2000 edition, which incorporated major changes for accreditation bodies, certification bodies, training organizations, implementing organizations, procurement organizations, consultants, and customers. The transition period for ISO 9001:2000 was three years and it is expected that the 2015 revision will incorporate the same three year transition period, so activity under this revision is being planned up to 2018.

According to the draft design specification of ISO 9001:2015, the new standard should:

  • Provide a stable core set of requirements for the next 10 years or more
  • Remain generic, and relevant to all sizes and types of organization operating in any sector
  • Maintain the current focus on effective process management to produce desired outcomes
  • Take account of changes in quality management systems practices and technology since the last major revision in 2000
  • Reflect changes in the increasingly complex, demanding and dynamic environments in which organizations operate
  • Apply Annex SL of the ISO Directives to enhance compatibility and alignment with other ISO management system standards
  • Facilitate effective organizational implementation and effective conformity assessment by first, second, and third parties
  • Feature simplified language to improve understanding and consistent interpretations of its requirements

What is the Timeline for ISO 9001:2015?

In March, 2014, ISO 9001:2015 was issued in Draft International Standard (DIS). The next step will be in November, 2014, when it will be presented in draft form for the Final Draft International Standard (FDIS). The FDIS is then expected to be presented in January of 2015 with publication taking place in September of the same year.

US Cast Acrylic Tube Manufacturers and ISO 9001:2015

At US Cast, we regularly distribute our products to clients who are recommended to have ISO certification. We specialize in manufacturing the highest-quality cast acrylic tubes and rods available so we can meet or exceed all of the expectations set by the revised ISO 9001:2015 set of standards. Contact US Cast acrylic tube manufacturers today at 856-347-2342.


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