Top Benefits of Cast Acrylic Rods and Tubing over Glass

Top Benefits of Cast Acrylic Rods and Tubing over Glass

For many applications, cast acrylic rods and glass can be considered alternatives for each other. But, going with glass over acrylic can place limitations on certain applications. Here, we take a look at the benefits of acrylic tubing over glass.

Acrylic vs Glass: Which is Stronger?

Acrylic that is just .125″ thick has two to three times more impact resistance than double strength window glass and four to five times the impact resistance of wire glass including several other types of glass as well. Considering this, a 1/4″ thick piece of acrylic is a full nine to ten times stronger than wire and/or other glasses.

Additional Benefits of Acrylic over Glass

Despite the strength and impact resistance benefits of acrylic over glass, acrylic is considerably lighter than glass (acrylic is about half as heavy as glass) and it has greater insulation properties. This allows acrylic to be used in a wide variety of applications where weight can be an issue, such as in overhead signs.

In addition, acrylic does not shatter when struck and it will not crack or break like glass when subjected to rapid temperature fluctuations. Acrylic can also be produced in a wide range of custom colors for much less than it costs to produce colored glass. It is also easier to fabricate and form for customized applications. Glass, on the other hand, is a hard, brittle material that has no malleability whatsoever.

Acrylic also offers a 93% transparency rate, meaning that it is one of the clearest materials available. By comparison, thick glass tends to have a greenish-hue which becomes more noticeable the thicker the glass is produced. Acrylic is also capable of being chemically-welded at a molecular level so multiple pieces of acrylic can be "welded" together to form a solid piece with no noticeable seams whereas glass needs to be caulked together or bonded with some other adhesive, thus causing very noticeable seams.

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